Ironsight offers new Front-Line Mode and is now playable in four additional languages

Thanks to a comprehensive update, the multiplayer shooter receives new content that can now also be played by fans from Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey in their native language

The new online shooter Ironsight from Aeria Games – a subsidiary of the gamigo group – is now playable in four new languages. The battle for the last resources on Earth, opposing the North Atlantic Federation (NAF) to the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN), can now also be fought in Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish. A crammed content package extends the free-to-play experience of Ironsight with a new game mode, a new map, a new combat drone, the Spectator Mode, as well as weapon upgrades.


To win the new Front-Line Mode, teams must defend or seize a strategically important point on the map. Up to 24 players can take part in explosive 10 vs. 10 custom matches in this mode on the new Downtown mp.

The new map takes the action-packed team battles into the city center where players fight each other in a spacious inner-city area. A tram crosses the streets of the city, serving as moving cover. Urban canyons and deserted streets round out the urban experience of 2025.

The Hydra is a new tactical drone in Ironsight. The mythological name stands for a stationary rapid fire gun that automatically shoots at enemies within a 180° radius. Placed at strategically important locations, it creates very effective blockades thanks to its barrage fire. Nonetheless, the Hydra is prone to EMP damage, for instance, from the new EMP MSGL, an EMP grenade launcher. The new update furthermore improves the sound of many weapons in the game, providing an even more immersive game experience.

The new Spectator Mode allows the player to follow custom matches live as a passive observer using a free moving camera. This simplifies the live broadcast of eSport tournaments, among other benefits.

More information on Ironsight and impressions of the update package can be found on the Ironsight Website and in a brand-new video showing the downtown update.

Ironsight Features:

  • In-house Iron Engine™: Maps feature climate effects and interactive elements
  • Gripping multiplayer action: Rise to the challenge and battle for the last resources on Earth
  • 14 different maps planned for release: Play globally at numerous locations on Earth with varied environments
  • More than 100 different weapons: Use many highly specialized weapons, such as sniper rifles, assault rifles, or SMGs
  • Use a diverse arsenal of drones and mech robots to eliminate hostile players with e.g. targeted EMP missiles or a combat helicopter
  • Acquire sensational weapon skins and customize your character the way you want
  • Clan Support: Establish your in-game clan and dominate the server


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