Surviving Desert and Ice: Brand-new Patch for Aura Kingdom

The latest update includes a new jewel system, a rise of the level cap, as well as two new maps and dungeons each

Hamburg – The world of Aura Kingdom, Azuria, continues to grow. The anime MMORPG of the gamigo group, one of the leading game companies in Europe and North America, carries its heroes off to two brand-new territories where they must prove themselves under the extreme weather conditions of both ends of the temperature scale.

 AK_Eishöhle_Glacial Ice Cavern AK_Friggaberg_Frigga Peak

Frigga Peak is controlled by snow and ice, creating the perfect conditions to preserve the remains of long-forgotten creatures. At the same time, this world also serves as a habitat for new monsters that are yet to be discovered by the players. Amidst the stinging cold, frost, and ice storms of this world, the new protective spirit Eidolon Eirene awakes, pelting her enemies with snowballs to numb them. She also uses the power of the cold to heal the brave heroes she supports.

AK_Trostlose Einöde_Desolate Desert AK_Trostlose Einöde_Desolate Desert_2

Desolate Desert takes the players right into the merciless heat of the desert. Will the heroes find the hidden oases in time to feast on the much-needed water? But they must be used with care as dangerous alligators lurk in the lakes of the oases.

Apart from the extension of the Gaia Jewel Upgrade System (new, violet jewels now contain three instead of two random upgrades, and the level cap has been lifted to level 99), two new dungeons are rounding out the update: In the Glacial Ice Cavern heroes must cope with the frosty breath of the Ice Dragon, and the Subterranean Sanctuary is waiting to be seized.

Selection of features in Aura Kingdom:

  • Interactive companions – powerful fighters: Eidolons
  • Dynamic battles – explosive, fast-paced fights
  • Stunning anime art
  • Traveling in style

About the gamigo group 

The gamigo group is one of the leading gaming companies in Europe and North America, with more than 100 million registered user accounts and more than 300 employees in Hamburg (HQ), Berlin, Cologne, Münster, Darmstadt (Germany), Warsaw (Poland), Istanbul (Turkey), Chicago (US), and Seoul (Korea). In addition to gamigo AG, the group includes the subsidiaries Aeria Games, adspree media, and Mediakraft Networks as well as the brands, GameSpree, Infernum, Intenium, Looki, and Poged. The company publishes free-to-play online and mobile games for end users and also provides solutions for business clients as part of gamigo’s platform strategy. Game publishers and developers from all over the world can use the gamigo platform as a gateway to publish and sell their products in an efficient and cost-effective way. The company’s core game portfolio includes successful titles such as Aura Kingdom, Desert Operations, The Rats, Dragon’s Prophet, Echo of Soul, Fiesta Online, Goal One, Grand Fantasia, Ironsight, Last Chaos, Shaiya, and Twin Saga. In 2000, gamigo published the first German-language localized MMOG. The company strives to grow not only organically, but also by acquisitions. Since 2013, it has made more than 25 acquisitions which included gaming and technology companies as well as individual game assets.

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