Kick it like… gamigo! Players can celebrate the soccer World Cup 2018 with numerous in-game events

Hamburg – The countdown has started. Fans from all over the world are looking at Russia, sharing the thrill with all soccer heroes when they finally take the field. The gamigo group, one of the leading game companies in Europe and North America, joins the festivities and is ready to celebrate the soccer World Cup 2018. Players have the chance to collect points and prestigious trophies in exciting games and gripping battles. In Fiesta Online, Ming invites soccer artists from all over the continent Isya to meet at the great soccer tournament. Teams of four players run against each other in gripping matches. Only those who prove outstanding ball skills and special buffs will make it to the top. Winners receive Soccer Points, which can be traded for exclusive weapons, shields, tricots and fan hats at trainer Ming. All players of level 1 to 135 have the right to take part. Those who don’t play themselves still have the possibility to cheer for the teams: The most enthusiastic fans on the Elderine tribune can receive unique buffs for their dance performances. In a duel with the soccer monster, players can furthermore proof their tackling skills and earn even more Soccer Points. Just in time for the World Cup, a penguin is disturbing the peace in Aura Kingdom. Those who spot this waddling bird and manage to capture it on a screenshot can upload the picture in this Forum where the prettiest and funniest pictures will be exhibited. The hunt starts on June 16. From now on, players also receive a free World Cup tricot for their character when buying other items at the shop. In addition, there will be an extensive betting game, in which players are asked to hand in a bet for the winners of the preliminaries as well as for the new soccer world champion. Betting results will be made public, so players can see which country has the most optimistic fans. The heroes of Echo of Soul – Phoenix embark on the hunt for colorful soccer balls. Those who collect ten red, blue and green balls each can trade them for a gift box containing not only well-known buffs, such as Njörd’s or Edun’s Praise, but also brand-new buffs, items, and costumes. Last Chaos is turning into a real fan park. The shop offers soccer tricots with which players can cheer for their favorite team in their respective outfits. Those who are brave enough to challenge the ball monster can exchange all captured balls with an NPC for useful items and flags. These flags can be given to a second NPC within the frame of an in-game betting game. Players wearing a tricot during a monster hunt have the chance to earn a ball item at other mops as well. Kings and Legends is more than ready for the soccer World Cup. Balls in all kinds of colors are ready to wake up the players’ passion for collecting. Those who collect five, six or seven different colors can trade their balls for exclusive trophies. In the forum, players can furthermore hand in bets for all World Cup matches and collect points when making the right guess. Points from this forum can then be exchanged for colorful balls in the game. In addition, there will be an exclusive soccer card at the end of June.   Brother Jin is the greatest soccer fan in Loong: Dragonblood. But nasty monsters stole his soccer balls. To claim them back, he needs the players to help him. During the World Cup, defeated monsters will leave behind parts of soccer balls. Eager monster hunters can assemble those parts, create whole balls and exchange them at Brother Jin for the card of the god of soccer which can be used to summon and defeat this god. Those who manage to defeat him have the chance to win an arena card. These cards can then be traded for exclusive rewards.   Further information about the events of all games can be found in the respective game forums as well as on the games websites.  Fiesta Online – Forum Aura Kingdom – Forum Echo of Soul – Phoenix – Forum Last Chaos – Forum Kings and Legends – Forum Loong: Dragonblood – Forum

About the gamigo group The gamigo group is one of the leading gaming companies in Europe and North America, with more than 100 million registered user accounts and more than 250 employees in Hamburg (HQ), Berlin, Cologne, Münster, Darmstadt (Germany), Warsaw (Poland), Istanbul (Turkey), Chicago (US), and Seoul (Korea). In addition to gamigo AG, the group includes the subsidiaries Aeria Games, adspree media, and Mediakraft Networks as well as the brands, GameSpree, Infernum, Intenium, Looki, and Poged. The company publishes free-to-play online and mobile games for end users and also provides solutions for business clients as part of gamigo’s platform strategy. Game publishers and developers from all over the world can use the gamigo platform as a gateway to publish and sell their products in an efficient and cost-effective way. The company’s core game portfolio includes successful titles such as Aura Kingdom, Desert Operations, The Rats, Dragon’s Prophet, Echo of Soul, Fiesta Online, Goal One, Grand Fantasia, Ironsight, Last Chaos, Shaiya, and Twin Saga. In 2000, gamigo published the first German-language localized MMOG. The company strives to grow not only organically, but also by acquisitions. Since 2013, it has made more than 25 acquisitions which included gaming and technology companies as well as individual game assets.

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