Valentine’s Day at gamigo – Love is in the air!

Chocolates, mountains of flowers and butterflies in your stomach – that special time of the year has begun for lovers and singles. Whether it be tragic dramas or sweet love vows on the love radar, gamigo has exciting events and great items in store!

Love plays a role in Fiesta Online all year round. But the day of St. Valentine is especially celebrated with event sales and various items. It’s already in progress and will end on Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February.

The continent of Iris in Last Chaos will have another special event for Valentine’s. In addition to many gifts and wedding costume bundles in the Item-Shop, lovers can receive a voucher code. More infos and the code can be found in the forum.


The Rats are decorating their cellar with lovely Valentine’s wallpapers. First and foremost, the powerful cupid statue needs to get leveled up. To do this, the little gnawers have to be bred with each other to feed the effigy of the Love God with the resulting Valentine’s Hearts. Besides, there will be a nice Valentine’s suit! Almost eight million rodent lovers have registered worldwide!

In Kings and Legends, two mighty creatures are inbound for the virtual battlefield: The “Valentina“ card, designed especially for the day of love, can be collected in the Booster Bonanza event by opening 20 Savage Standard or Master Boosters. Another Valentine’s card will be available between February 22nd and 25th: “Apollina“, the female version of Apollon, the God of Light, can be obtained in the Free Card Event.

A special ingame event will launch in the dark world of Auratia in Dragon’s Prophet: Until the 23rd of February, players can take part in an obstacle course versus other players. Once a day, you can also burst a balloon heart to receive a Valentine’s Gift, and a community event is already in progress. Under the motto „The Story of Your Love“, players can post in the threads „Our Love Story“ or „My Life as a Single“ in the official forum – winners will be announced there on Valentine’s Day and receive splendid rewards.


War2Glory goes lyrical: from today on until 17th of February, players can receive Lucky Boxes by collecting letters that spell the word „Valentine“ to receive rewards like new equipment, XP Boosts or other useful items. As a gift, an item pack on Valentine’s Day promises additional tools to support your troops in battle.

Starting today, Cultures Online will be enchanted with special Valentine’s Day Goodies until 23rd of February. The new sets with items like “Aphrodite’s Club of Tenderness“ are available in treasure chests and at the Groundskeeper of Asgard, with players receiving the first chest as a gift. The Valentine’s Merchant will offer free drinks and the chance to get missing set pieces in exchange for Runes. From Level 20 onwards, the special treasure chests can be sent as gifts, which earns players a reward.

It must be love! Happy Valentine‘s Day!

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