The time has come! 3D role-playing game Loong Dragonblood now also speaks Italian

 For quite some time now, the mystical free-to-play MMORPG Loong Dragonblood has been delighting players from all over the world. Now the numerous fans in Italy will finally also be able to go in search of the legendary dragon!

Players of this free online game will find themselves in the China of ages past as it was created thousands of years ago by the god Pan Gu. An unparalleled 3D experience awaits! In numerous quests, their skills will be put to the test, and they will journey through painstakingly designed ancient cities. Gloomy dungeons and boss monsters will continually keep players on their toes. The characters will be able to assume the most diverse of roles. And the great thing is: there are no class restrictions at all!

Superhuman jumps and martial arts moves will ensure that the game is action-packed — walk up the walls or even on water and soar through the air like a Chinese kung-fu warrior. But the real fight begins in the spectacular and massive battles with up to 500 fighters. Stunning 3D battles in the game are made possible by its high-performance graphics engine. In PvP mode, players can duel in the open world, take part in competitions or wage guild wars. Journeys are so much more enjoyable with a companion: From Scavenger Cats to Scorpion Spiders and Battle Elephants, there is a vast selection of animals — players will have over 100 different pets to choose from in Loong Dragonblood. Pets possess their own skills and are able to develop into majestic mounts over the course of the game.
Register now and experience Chinese history in breathtaking 3D graphics!

Summary of features in Loong Dragonblood:

  • Free to play
  • Highly detailed 3D graphics
  • Martial arts fighting styles
  • No class restrictions: Every character can learn every skill
  • More than 100 different skills
  • Thanks to Qing Gong, players can jump to unbelievable heights
  • PvP battles and guild wars
  • Matchmaking system
  • Dungeons and instances
  • Based on mystical Chinese history


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