Kickoff! – gamigo celebrates the 2014 World Cup

Today’s finally the day! Up till July 13, all around the globe people will be cheering, celebrating, and rejoicing. What’s probably the world’s favorite pastime will have everyone holding their breath: The 20th World Cup has finally commenced! While the first groups of fans are practicing their chants and waves in the stadium, everything will be revolving around that round leather ball at gamigo, too. The events to be held in the various gamigo games under the 2014 World Cup flag will be revealed on the playing field.

GOAL – GOAL – GOAL !!! – gamigo World Cup Event
What is as much a part of the World Cup as the ball and the teams? That’s right: guessing the winning team. All players that are registered in a gamigo game can take part. The exciting question is: How many goals will be scored in total during the 2014 World Cup? Take part and submit your guess. Great prizes await! You will find additional details and the eligibility requirements in the gamigo booth.

Entire ontinent of Iris caught up in football fever
Of course, the inhabitants of the continent of Iris aren’t simply going to stand by and watch; they will be celebrating this event of events in their very own way. For example, the new Alber map has been turned into a playing field and a game master is declared a football! In order to decide who will become the World Cup champion of Alber, the game master will have to be brought to a particular location by one of the two factions. But Last Chaos wouldn’t be Last Chaos if the rules weren’t somewhat different: The players will be duking it out in full battle jerseys! If there was ever a referee in Alber that wanted to prevent this from happening, he seems to have disappeared mysteriously. Tactic and lineup however will be kept top secret until the weekend. You can find more in depth details here on time for kickoff.

A round peg in a square hole
Football fever has gripped Fiesta Online: Curlers, offside traps and overhead kicks as far as the eye can see! All over Isya, the inhabitants have come together to play out their own 2014 World Cup in a massive Kingdom Quest. In two teams of four players, the inhabitants will face off to decide the best kickers of the year. The team that scores the most goals wins, and will be awarded coins that can be used to redeem great prizes at Soccer Ming. For more information on the event, please consult the trainer.

Referee shows red card — and he’s out!
Things are topsy-turvy in King of Kings 3 during the World Cup. A game master has been entirely taken with football fever. Wearing a jersey, he’s the source of chaos and many a disturbance in the game. Those who succeed in showing this troublemaker the red card will be rewarded with several items. In the meantime, the insidious game masters are taking advantage of the confusion to clandestinely bring the seven kingdoms under their control. Every kingdom that succeeds in getting the game master alliance off the playing field can look forward to a reward.

Perfectly-equipped fans…
From the Vikings all the way to Asia: All of Cultures Online is fully committed to football! In order to enable all fans to be perfectly equipped, from June 12–26 they will be able to obtain great jerseys, pants, and shoes from the World Cup merchant to really liven up their teams! In addition, each player will receive 5 runes via login drop with which he will be able to artistically style his nation’s flag into his hero’s hair.

Dragon Nest: Show your flag and win!
Come every World Cup, the inhabitants of Althea seem to entirely forget their cares and their search for Vestinel’s Holy Grail. In this time, all eyes are fixed firmly on the football and all inhabitants appear dressed in cool bandannas or flags. These can be purchased with the use of football vouchers in Ginny’s Football Shop. For more information on how players can obtain these vouchers, what the great raffle at the end of the games is all about and which great prizes await, click here.

Teamwork is essential on the field
The kickoff for the Dinoball Challenge is today, June 12. For four weeks, giant dinosaur monstrosities will strike fear and panic into the hearts of the inhabitants of Dino Storm. In order to defeat them, true team spirit will be crucial, and great rewards await. Teamwork pays — only together will you be able to obtain all the new Dinoball rewards!

Spaceball returns to the field
Spaceball will be returning to Pirate Galaxy for an entire month! 32 participating worlds, 17 venues scattered all around the galaxy — this year’s remake of the popular ball game from planet Earth will be a hit. The kickoff is today, June 12, and the final whistle will sound on Sunday, July 13 — unless it goes into overtime! All games will take place on the planets of the entire galaxy with the exception of Sirius. Playing will definitely be worth your while!

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