„Burned Empire“ – New Last Chaos patch offers spectacular battles with high-level content

  • Gripping PvP/RvR action for all high-level players
  • „Burned Empire“ opens its gates

The MMORPG Last Chaos proudly presents the most challenging and war-ridden battlefield on the continent of Iris since its inception. In the new region of Alber, an endless and gruesome war is being waged. Two factions, the Kailux Empire and the Order of Dilamun, are embroiled in a bitter feud and waging an epic battle for sole dominion of this war-torn region.

With the extensive „Burned Empire“ patch, a region was created in which players will have to decide which side they ultimately want to be on. In service of the Kailux Empire, players will fight for Prince Shaiden, an absolute monarch who is attempting to seize power in Alber with the help of the Sword of Light. His army consists of members of the nobility, who are obligated to render unto him their undying loyalty and absolute obedience. The Kailux Empire’s bitter rival is the Order of Dilamun, which recruits its warriors from the lower class. It relies on the strength of the individual, and was founded by the Great Mage Bespin, who has aligned himself with the powers of darkness. Whichever faction players decide on, in „Burned Empire“ they will have go head on with their enemies in gripping PvP duels or massive RvR battles. Standing shoulder to shoulder with their allies, they will either reap eternal glory or be forgotten entirely by history.

Apart from the bitter war for sole dominion of Alber, in this expansion for Last Chaos players can also look forward to a whole array of exclusive new items for their characters, faction quests in which they will have to face off with massive monsters, and more new content. In order to aid players towards victory in „Burned Empire“, new skills have been added for each faction.

Players can register on the official Last Chaos website for free and explore one of the most vast and challenging action MMORPGs to date.

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