Wolf Team: Enter the Jungle!

In its latest update, the fast-paced MMOFPS Wolf Team introduces a new map and stunning new weapon skins.

Hamburg, September 24, 2020 – In gamigo’s challenging Online Multiplayer Wolf Team players can enter a fight to the death. On the new map, Jungle they must face grueling dangers in order to survive the latest Deathmatch area in the game.

In Wolf Team, players can transform into fearsome Werewolves at any time depending on their playstyle. Humans have a grand assortment of weapons at their disposal, whereas Wolves have limited ranged attacks but are much faster and stronger than their mortal counterparts. On the new map, they can roam the muddy paths in search of ammo, cultivate their Wolf powers, or assemble a fearsome team to overcome the treacherous challenges the Jungle throws at them.

Threats may lurk around every corner, but victory will taste that much sweeter in the end, especially with the two new weapon skin for rifles and shotguns.

The high-octane Shooter offers various exciting modes besides Deathmatch, such as classical Survival and Conquest in which players join forces to capture as many bases as possible. On over 15 maps, whether through desolate factories or dark city streets, players can throw themselves into the game and make a name for themselves in the vicious world of Wolf Team.

More information about the update and the game can be found on the official website.