Wicked experiments in Fiesta Online’s new dungeon

“The Secret Laboratory” is now available for all players in gamigo’s fantasy MMORPG Fiesta Online. All manner of failed experiments are wreaking havoc in the dungeon, designed for levels 100-110, and have even gone so far as to kidnap a number of children, who will need to be rescued. New quests will take players to a mechanical skull wreathed in blue flames.

The following content has been added with this new expansion:

  • New instance dungeon “The Secret Laboratory”
  • New equipment sets for all of the game’s ten classes comprised of five set pieces including a weapon (instead of the usual four-piece sets).
  • Special and particularly hard-to-get weapons that only become available once a player has managed to navigate past all the traps in the new dungeon.
  • New monsters, both living and mechanical, that have a wide variety of special attacks and skills.
  • Four tough boss monsters that are incredibly difficult to defeat.
  • 10 quests all about “The Secret Laboratory”
  • 15 additional quests, some of which are repeatable, for levels 80-100 to make leveling up easier.