Loong – "Dragonblood" turns players into dragons

gamigo’s Asian-style MMORPG, “Loong – The Power of the Dragon” is getting lots on new content with its latest expansion, “Dragonblood”. The new additions include the ability for players to transform into a dragon, an increase of the level cap to 100 and the introduction of a new PvP arena.

To be able to transform into a dragon, players collect mighty artifacts from the dangerous dragons all over the world. Taking on dragon form will increase attack and defense stats greatly, making it particularly advantageous for PvP duels. In the PvP arena players can go up against each other in 3-vs.-3 matches to earn titles and points for powerful PvP equipment. The raise of the level cap brings with it new regions and dungeons as well as new mounts and pets and a thousand new quests.

Three new skill systems make character development even more multi-faceted: the Meridian system, for example, offers a series of skills that will increase defense or health points or will remove negative effects. Pets are changing too: The new evolution system allows them to continue developing and even to change their appearance.

The new content at a glance:

  • Increase of the level cap to 100
  • Dragon transformations now possible
  • New regions
  • New dungeons
  • Nearly 1000 new quests
  • PvP arena with rewards
  • Numerous new skill systems
  • New pets and mounts
  • Evolution system for pets