Welcome to gamigo’s excellent Easter feast

The Easter Bunny is carrying an especially large basket full of surprises this year: all throughout gamigo‘s games countless eggs have been hidden, Easter baskets are waiting to be found, and lots of colorful minigames want to be solved. In short: extraordinary prizes are waiting around every corner.

Easter at gamigo

Want to go on an egg hunt while fighting beastly bunnies? That’s exactly what awaits players in Fiesta Online‘s exclusive Kingdom Quest during the Easter days – and those who manage to defeat the long-eared creatures will be rewarded with unique treasures. There will also be a special event sale brimming with Easter items! For more info, visit the official Fiesta Forum.

With the new features in Twin Saga, it almost seems like Easter and Christmas are happening at once. No specifics will be given just yet, but more details are bound to “hatch” soon.

Last Chaos is getting ready for the Easter celebrations as well. Massive amounts of precious eggs can be collected in battles against hideous monsters and in the various playful tasks the Game Masters have prepared. And even more additional surprises will be hidden in the forum.

Opa Chiso and his friends had just finished coloring dozens of rainbow eggs in Echo of Soul but then a gang of vicious monsters came along and stole them! Every Soulkeeper who manages to return ten of these eggs will be rewarded with baskets full of Easter eggs, magical eggs, loads of different items, and – who knows? – maybe even a very special present.

A mysterious Easter island jam-packed with secrets: Dragon’s Prophet has a number of Easter events in store as well. Whether it’s a good old egg hunt or a fast-paced rat chase – until April 26, all Dragon Knights will have the opportunity to join the Easter celebrations and collect countless precious treasures.

Rats Easter

Speaking of rats: This Easter season, The Rats are running amok while dressed to the nines in the adorable, limited-edition Chicklet Costume (available for free for 24 hours!). Players can also join the egg-hunting fun and grow their own Bunny Statue!

In Desert Operations, players can enjoy the holidays with various minigames, exclusive prizes, and an extended Easter egg hunt. Apart from that, every player can achieve new honors and collect brilliant diamond rewards by successfully completing the special Easter missions.

Aura Kingdom also offers special Easter content. Starting on Good Friday, the new Eidolon “Lumikki” will be available. Over the whole Easter weekend, an additional 50% boost of XP and loot is active.

For the English and French servers of Grand Fantasia, the Easter Bunny brings new gear and an event quest that will be available for a limited time only. But players on the Spanish and Portuguese servers have cause for celebration, too – from April 17th onwards, several exclusive events are waiting for them.

On War 2 Glory‘s battlefields, sweet chocolate eggs are waiting to be collected and traded in for Easter baskets, a hammer, or a brand-new Easter uniform. And if that’s not enough, there’s also a very special Easter hero to be found.

In Kings and Legends, players can resolve egg hunt quests from the inhabitants of Elyria to be rewarded with awesome goodies like Fire Rubies or Black Opal fragments. Plus, there’s an exclusive “Bunny Doll” card to be discovered!

Between April 13 and April 27, Loong: Dragonblood will also enchant players with great prizes. During this time, defeated monsters will drop Easter baskets and eggs to make sure that everyone is getting into a festive mood.

Brick Force invites players to join the Easter festivities in form of a lovingly composed holiday sale. Players and collectors alike will be greeted with colorful spring and Easter specials.

gamigo wishes all players a Happy Easter!

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