Shikihime Zoushi: gamigo Launches Closed Beta Phase

  • Browser-based strategy game with RPG elements
  • Closed Beta now playable in German and English
  • Open Beta launch only a few weeks away

Together with Japanese developer Appirits, gamigo, one of the leading publishers of free-to-play mobile and online games, is announcing the launch of the closed beta phase of Shikihime Zoushi today. Starting now, players can register directly via the gamigo-Portal to test the browser-based strategy game before the launch of its open beta.

The fight against dark powers: in Shikihime Zoushi, the player delves into the grand world of ancient Japan. In this browser-based strategy game with RPG elements, the player takes on the role of an Onmyoji – a master of Yin & Yang – to control a very special unit: the Shikihime! Magical incantations in the guise of charming anime girls are waiting to be trained for fighting. The individual combination of the companions is only one of the tactics to secure one’s empire in the golden Heian age. Forming alliances will take players another step closer to the pinnacle of power.

The fight for domination is on

Strategic skills are asked here! The more regions the Shikihime conquer, the bigger the player’s influence and income. Additionally, special tasks can be solved in Submission Mode, and raising the character levels enables taking part in expeditions as well as colonial warfare.

Stunning anime companions

There are over 90 different, enchanting Shikihime to discover. By summoning new Shikihime in a ceremony and combining the mightiest of them with each other, even stronger companions can be created. Every player should become part of this wonderful adventure!

As of now, the current version of the browser game is playable in German and English. Further versions in other languages will follow in the near future. To register for the exclusive beta phase of Shikihime Zoushi, go here: The official website (LINK) offers a lot of further content, such as information about new events and updates as well as the freshest news directly from the game. Fans may also want to stay tuned on Facebook or right here.

Shikihime Zoushi – Features:

  • Free2Play browser-based strategy game
  • Round-based fantasy RPG on octagonal maps
  • Over 90 powerful incantations in the form of the charming Shikihime
  • Crafting of weapons and armor
  • Quests with rising levels of difficulty
  • Weekly Colonial War events

About the gamigo group

The gamigo group is a leading publisher of free-to-play mobile and online games in Europe and North America. gamigo was one of the first few companies to discover the booming market segment of online games for itself, and published the first MMOG that was completely localized into German as early as 2000. Approximately 100 employees in Hamburg, Berlin (Germany), San Francisco (USA) and Seoul (Korea) are in charge of the three areas Platform, Publishing and Portals. gamigo has a wide range of highly-popular titles and a loyal customer base, including successful multiplayer online role-playing games such as “Fiesta Online” and “Last Chaos”. At the same time, the existing portfolio of online games continues to be expanded with new titles, such as the recent additions “Guns & Robots”, “General War” and “Vicky Online”. The gamigo group has a total of more than 35 million registered game accounts worldwide. In addition to online multiplayer games, gamigo is also increasingly investing in mobile games, including cross-platform games such as “Dino On Fire” and “The Rats”.

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