Rock’n’Scroll arrives in ArcheAge: Unchained

The fantastical MMORPG ArcheAge: Unchained celebrates an exclusive Event in which players can collect amazing rewards for every hour spent in the game.

Hamburg, March 26, 2020 – Starting today, players of gamigo’s epic online RPG ArcheAge: Unchained can turn it up during the Rock’n’Scroll Event. Until April 23, players can collect precious Scrolls from their inbox which they can use to upgrade glittering gems for every hour they are online.

The first Ruby gem can be acquired up to two times through the Gilda Star Marketplace for 50 Gilda Stars. Now all the heroes of Erenor have to do is be patient. For every hour they travel through the evergreen forests or secluded Hiram-Mountains of the vast fantasy world, explore treacherous dungeons or just craft to their hearts content they receive a Scroll to upgrade their gem. Every upgrade comes with different rewards.

In total there are twelve ranks through which players can go. Saphires, Emeralds and even sparkling Diamonds can be created and gift the players with incredible rewards, including Gilda Stars, Gliders and mounts as well as a variety of Crates.

More Information about the Event and ArcheAge: Unchained can be found on the official website.