gamigo cooperates with Eden Reforestation Projects to help restore forests around the globe

In cooperation with “Eden Reforestation Projects”, gamigo and the players help the reforestation of heavily cleared forests.

Hamburg, April 2, 2020 – Starting today, gamigo’s numerous game communities will be taking part in the worldwide nature charity-campaign of Eden Reforestation Projects. For every purchase of a Garden, Grove or Forest package from gamigo, Eden promises to plant trees around the world. On the charity website, players can buy special packages with in-game content starting at 1.99$ per package. For every package worth 1,99$, 9,99$ and 19,99$, Eden Reforestation Projects promises to plant 2, 10 or 20 trees respectively. gamigo uses special leaderboards to record which community has the greenest thumb and how many players have taken part in the project in total.

“The Eden Reforestation Projects aim to protect our forests and fight for fair conditions in the global agriculture sector. We’re excited to be a part of this together with our players,” says Jens Knauber, COO of the gamigo group.

The cooperation between the gamigo group and Eden Reforestation Projects will run for one month. Eden’s planters will not only plant trees in affected regions but will also receive a fair wage for their valuable work thanks to the support. For each Garden, Grove and Forest package, players will receive valuable in-game items.

More information about the Eden Reforestation Projects and details about the participating games can be found on the charity website.

About Eden 
Eden Reforestation Projects are actively combating the climate crisis as they restore forest systems one tree at a time, alleviating the devastating effects of deforestation. And every tree planted serves to protect, provide, nurture and sustain all of life. But the work done by Eden Reforestation Projects also rebuilds communities. Fair wages and a commitment to skill-building and employment for women and single parents helps keep farmers from selling themselves or their families into slavery just to survive.