Otherland Free-to-Play: gamigo launches Open Beta!

Otherland, the Online RPG based on the famous novels by Tad Williams, is about to be launched as a free-to-play version by gamigo. The free-to-play Open Beta starts today, providing fans of the epic science fiction story with the opportunity to explore the atmospheric fantasy world and to participate in finalizing the long-awaited MMO title in cooperation with the community.

Otherland Open Beta Starts now

In preparation for the Open Beta, Otherland has received numerous updates during the previous weeks introducing new functions to the game. The tutorial has been updated, the game’s performance has been fundamentally improved, and various additional quests as well as new factions have been implemented in the story. Most importantly, the extensive crafting system has been completely reworked, with the addition of hundreds of new recipes. The battle system is undergoing a heavy re-design as well: the improved enemy AI will provide an even more action-driven gaming experience that will be further sustained by more fluid motion patterns and revised skill sets.

This free-to-play Open Beta marks the end of the Steam Early Access and is expected to last just over a week and is aimed at testing some of the major updates being added to the game. Otherland is slated to enter Commercial Release on September 8th, 2016.

More details will be announced in the official Otherland-Forum and on the Otherland Facebook fanpage. The Open Beta will be accompanied by community events and early adopters can expect generous rewards for their support during Early Access and their help testing the new OBT version.

Players can register and download the free-to-play OBT client here.

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The gamigo group is one of the leading gaming companies in Europe and North America with more than 100 million registered user accounts and over 300 staff members in Hamburg, Berlin, Münster, Darmstadt (Germany), Chicago (USA) and Seoul (Korea). Apart from gamigo AG, the group consists of, among others, Aeria Games, Infernum, Intenium, adspree and GameSpree. The company functions as a publisher for free-to-play mobile and online games and also offers modular Software as a Service solutions for business customers within the scope of the gamigo platform strategy. The gamigo platform helps publishers and developers from all over the world publish and promote their products efficiently and cost-effectively. The company’s core portfolio is comprised of successful games like Aura Kingdom, Dawn of Gods, Desert Operations, Dragon’s Prophet, Echo of Soul, Fiesta Online, Goal One, Last Chaos, Shaiya and The Rats. As early as in the year 2000, gamigo published the first MMOG that was completely localized into German. gamigo strives to grow its business organically as well as via acquisitions and has performed 10+ M&As since 2013, including companies specializing in games and technology as well as individual game assets.

About Otherland
Otherland is an Unreal-based action MMORPG set in the world of Tad Williams’s widely celebrated novels of the same name. In Otherland, players explore a multiverse of virtual worlds, including the futuristic Lambda Mall, the medieval 8Squared, or the Asia-inspired 5Isles. As they follow an intricate storyline, the players have to solve hundreds of quests and prevail in PvP and PvE battles. Extracting eDNA from NPCs serves as the basis for crafting rare individual items. Players can furnish their own virtual home in Otherland – and even create their own worlds in cooperation with their clan members. Otherland is being developed by DRAGO Entertainment on behalf of otherland co-production GmbH. For more information please visit https://www.drago-entertainment.com/otherland.

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