gamigo’s Colorful Easter Eggs

Right on time for Easter, gamigo has again prepared a rich basket full of special in-game Easter surprises and colorful Easter eggs: various events, brand-new items and countless quests are waiting to be enjoyed, collected and mastered!

Easter_Assets_2ß016_Fiesta Online_Event_Blanco

In Fiesta Online, the Easter bunny has hidden literally thousands of eggs. Players of the Anime MMO should prepare themselves for a very special event: the egg hunt. 2000 colorful eggs have been scattered all across the event map and it is up to the players to find them – within 20 minutes and while constantly being attacked by wave upon wave of enemies that, once vanquished, will drop valuable items. The game is won when all eggs have found their way into the nest. Successful players will be rewarded with a treasure chest full of items as well as quite possibly a permanent Easter item.

Easter eggs stuffed with special rewards are awaiting players in the world of Last Chaos  as well – but only after they have dealt with a number of hideous monsters. The Game Master Events, in comparison, will be a bit more traditional, featuring a delightful egg search and various small extra gadgets.

From March 23 until April 6, in every town and at the airship docks, Dragon’s Prophet players will be only one click away from their next “Ostara” experience. This event, inspired by Ostara, an ancient Germanic goddess of Spring, not only features a classic egg hunt, where awesome rewards await those that manage to find all the eggs, it also includes the excessive “pummeling” of rats. During the Easter event, players can collect Dragon Egg Coins that can be exchanged for rewards like weapons, Easter eggs, and more rounds of rat bashing. Lucky fellows might also win a special dragon or a cute little Easter pet.


If The Rats only knew how their fellow gnawers are treated in the world of Dragon’s Prophet… But fortunately they have better things to do, and so they are getting all dressed up for the Easter festival; after all, is there a more cunning and deceitful way to steal your neighbor’s cheese than doing it disguised as the Easter bunny? Apart from that, the fat little fluffballs will adorn their caves with colorful Easter decorations and raise an egg-devouring Easter statue waiting to be upgraded.

From March 24 until March 31, players across all Empire Universe 3 servers will encounter strange, brightly colored Easteroids. A special free-to-use mining-ship will come in handy as all commanders are invited to harvest the resources hidden in the curiously colored rocks.

Desert Operations is flooded with collectable Easter eggs as well, this time in a mind-blowing grenade design. Additionally, players can solve three puzzle quests and win premium currency diamonds. A very special event achievement is also waiting to be completed. The Easter event will begin on Good Friday, March 25, and end on Easter Monday, March 28.

The world of Cultures Online will present itself from March 18 to March 31 in perfect Easter spirit as well. The sets “Ostara’s Dream Blossoms”, “Hans’ Hardened Set” and “Eggbert’s Egg Set” will be available at the Groundskeeper of Asgard and in treasure chests. Traders will treat customers to a free egg potion for two days and they will also trade the three new sets for runes. From March 24 to March 28, a Wanderlust event will take place as well, allowing players to go on a trip overseas to escape the chocolate madness – and be rewarded with lots of experience points. At the same time, the cooldown for the tribal dungeon has been reduced to two hours.

A fantastic feast is waiting for you! Happy Easter everyone!

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