Game your way through the Christmas season with gamigo!

Numerous Christmas events await all players at gamigo this December! There are great prizes to be won, magical decorations to enjoy, and festive gatherings in the various game worlds!

Winter at Fiesta Online means plenty of festive decorations, melodies, and Christmas trees in every town! Celebrations are fully underway in Roumen, Adelia, Bera, and the Alberstol Ruins — the Fiesta ski event is back too!

The whole of December is full of Last Chaos events. A trip to the North Pole, secret Santas, and forum competitions await! Furthermore, players can also bake tasty cookies.  Personal wish lists can be submitted up till Dec 22 and gifts will be handed out on December 24th in Last Chaos as well!


The Rats
From Dec 10 onwards, even the cold rat cellar will be turned into a cozy corner. Christmas decorations in the game will ensure a festive atmosphere and make the cheeky rodents all but forget about fighting for cheese. For rat pack leaders, there’s the Christmas tree challenge and matching costumes.

Kings and Legends
Apart from a New Year’s calendar with rewards up till Dec 31, there are also new legendary winter and Christmas cards! On top of that, festive collection events will also be held and all players can look forward to a brand-new forum over the course of the Christmas season!


War 2 Glory
Apart from the battle for honor and glory, there is also an advent calendar, plus a hunt for Christmas decorations that can be exchanged for gifts. In addition to that, there will also be a mighty snowball fight. What’s more: We’re also rewarding our loyal War2Glory fans with a brand new forum!

Dragon’s Prophet
Dragon’s Prophet is celebrating the Silver Dragon Festival, which lasts until 1/5/2016! There will be Christmas quests and also a snowball fight! Dr. Gingerbread has compiled a list of tasks: Meet his high expectations and he’ll reward you with tons of presents! And not to forget: There’s also the DP advent calendar!

But we’re not done with the dragons yet: Various login and gift-giving events await in Dragon Nest. There are Christmas quests to go on with Santa Orc, player avatars to be decorated, login events to complete, and battles to wage with snowmen!

Cultures Online is welcoming all players with a Christmas market and decorated Christmas trees that grant generous XP bonuses for the Cult Chamber. The clothier has stunning decorative objects for sale and the Christmas merchant is having a promotion with free festive potions. In addition, there are also various events for players to set sail on the perfect adventure!

Quick and painless — that’s Hazard Ops for you: The bloody Christmas calendar from the Hazard Ops HQ is filled with great gifts. A total of 25 doors are just waiting to be opened. So go grab those great gifts now!


About the gamigo corporation
The gamigo group is one of the leading gaming companies in Europe and North America. gamigo was one of the first few companies to discover the booming market segment of online games, and published the first MMOG that was completely localized into German as early as 2000. Over 100 staff members in Hamburg, Berlin, Münster (Germany), Chicago (USA), Seoul (Korea) and Kaliningrad (Russia) are in charge of managing the platform (including Gaming as a Service and gaming portals) and the publishing of free-to-play mobile and online games. Fiesta Online and Last Chaos are just two examples of gamigo’s very successful multiplayer online role-playing game titles with a long-standing and loyal customer base. At the same time, the existing portfolio of games is constantly expanded with new titles, such as: Wickie Online, Kings and Legends, Desert Operations and Dragon’s Prophet. The gamigo group has a total of more than 65 million registered user accounts worldwide. In addition to online multiplayer games, gamigo is also stepping up investments in mobile games, including games such as Dino Empire and the cross-platform game The Rats. In addition to organic growth, the gamigo Group also strives to grow its business through the acquisition of companies specializing in games and technology.

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