Fiesta Online – Huge Community Updates go live

Fiesta Online, gamigo´s enchanting F2P Anime MMO, warms the hearts of players with two tremendous community patches. Work on the updates of the first and second community package are completed. Fans of Fiesta can now experience their favorite MMO in a new guise and with numerous long-awaited improvements.

The new content did not come out of the blue, but from the most versed experts in the game: the players themselves! Innumerable wishes, suggestions and ideas of individual players and entire guilds were animatedly discussed over the past weeks. And a lot of them are now found in the virtual magical world of Fiesta Online.

Fiesta_Online 1

Chief amongst the improvements are the increase of XP rewards (some of them doubled) for various regular and Kingdom Quests, new spawn points for numerous monsters, and the lowering of quest requirements for a wide selection of monsters and items. Furthermore, the Archer class has been rebalanced in more than 13 individual steps, and about 20 bug fixes have been implemented.

In addition to all that, winter has arrived along with festive decorations, sounds and Christmas trees in the cities of Fiesta Online: Roumen, Adelia, Bera, and the ruins of Alberstol. Attention, fans of winter sports: the Fiesta Ski Event is also back!

Further Fiesta community updates are already in the works!

Patchlog #1 and Patchlog #2 of the first and second community update package contain all the detailed information about the changes.

Highlights of the two Community Patches:

  • Increase of XP rewards
  • New spawn points for various monsters
  • Lowering of quest requirements for numerous monsters and items
  • Rebalancing of the Archer class
  • Donkeys (mounts) are now available at the item merchant in Elderine and Uruga.
  • Plenty of bug fixes
  • Winter and Christmas decorations in the cities of Fiesta as well as Ski Event


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