Empire Universe 3: World server launched with new features

  • World server “Infinity“ with brand-new features
  • Revised battle system and more than 100 new equipment items
  • Imperial War mode

Empire Universe 3, the free-to-play space MMO, now offers players a new server with numerous new features and functions.

At the core of the world server update is a multi-lingual server called Infinity that allows players from all different language versions to fight one another or together in action-filled space battles.

Infinity offers a completely new battle system for ground forces and provides players with more than 100 new equipment items to be researched. The Imperial War mode has been upgraded with new goals and challenges and now allows players to win rare trophies to individualize their army and increase its power.

The new world server also offers a revised game balance: build and research times for buildings and technologies have been reduced to speed up raiding planets and trading with other players.

Empire Universe 3 puts its focus on easy accessibility and team play and appeals to single players as well as guild members.

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