Commercial Launch of Taern – Blut. Tod. Vergeltung. : “Decide your path and determine your fate”

The beta phases of the free-to-play MMORPG Taern – Blut. Tod. Vergeltung. by gamigo were a complete success. The online game containing strategy elements is now freely playable for all in German. In the dark, harsh atmosphere of this free-to-play game, players set off on an epic journey through the Kingdom of Haligard while preparing to reconquer Taern, their homeland. Your mission: “Decide your path and determine your fate in the World of Taern.”

“Already during the beta phases, the enormous interest and positive feedback for Taern – Blut. Tod. Vergeltung. was astounding,” enthuses Frederik Peter (Unit Director Games Portfolio & Channeling). “We are therefore incredibly excited to now be able to announce the commercial launch of Taern – Blut. Tod. Vergeltung. The game is now accessible via our fully redesigned and reworked gaming portal”

The free-to-play MMORPG Taern – Blut. Tod. Vergeltung. developed by Whitemoon puts players’ moral values to a test. Do they act for selfish reasons or do they join their peers in order to free their homeland of Taern from the hands of the enemy, the demonic hordes of Utor? Whichever way they decide to act, it will directly affect how the game proceeds. In Taern – Blut. Tod. Vergeltung. players can choose from one of seven different character classes and hone their skills in bloody battles and thrilling quests to prepare their hero to reconquer their homeland.

Players can now register for free on the official website of Taern – Blut. Tod. Vergeltung. and allow their desire for revenge and retribution free rein. In addition, the official website also contains a host of other content, such as news, detailed information and the official trailer to the game. Fans can also inform themselves directly on Facebook.

Overview of features in Taern – Blut Tod. Vergeltung. :

• Free-to-play MMORPG browser game with strategy elements
• Challenging PvP and GvG modes
• 7 individual classes playable as male or female
• Exhilarating non-linear storyline
• Sophisticated guild system
• Exciting quests

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