Trove celebrates a glorious Sunfest!

The Voxel-MMO invites its players to this year’s Sunfest festivities. Players can look forward to exciting events, challenging quests and precious treasures to collect.

Hamburg, 08.07.2020 – gamigo celebrates the anniversary of its action-packed MMO Trove with the biggest in-game event of the year. During Sunfest, players can pledge their allegiance to one of three houses for which they can earn special coins and rise through the ranks on the house’s leaderboards. Thrilling adventure awaits daring heroes in a new 11 part quest which grants an exclusive reward upon completion, the colorful mount, Sunfest Unity Pinata.

Players can fend off dangerous Sunfest invaders to collect coins for their houses together with their new temporary follower, participate in daily quests and fight the mighty event Boss Moontouched Menace together with their friends. Coins can be exchanged for prices from last year’s celebrations as well as the current one. Every house has a special leaderboard where the players who donated the most coins are commemorated, and the top donors can look forward to a permanent version of the event-exclusive Sunfest house badge.

The notorious Trove inhabitant Qubesly is also celebrating Sunfest with a bedazzling bonfire for the sun goddess but fearsome shadow invaders are causing mayhem. It’s up to cunning Fae Trickster, mighty Candy Barbarians and everyone else to fend off these menaces and finally light the much anticipated bonfire sticks.

More information about the event and the online-adventure Trove can be found on the official website.