Taern – Blut. Tod. Vergeltung.: gamigo launches closed beta

  • A real diamond in the rough with turn-based combat for true blue role-playing fans
  • Brutal and raw atmosphere combined with a non-linear storyline

Together with the Whitemoon development studio, gamigo AG, a leading publisher and distributor of free-to-play massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs), has announced the start of the closed beta phase of Taern – Blut. Tod. Vergeltung.. Players can register right now to test the game even before the open beta launch. In this epic free-to-play browser game, the player will enter a bleak and dismal fantasy world which thrives on its brutal and raw atmosphere. A real insiders’ tip for every true blue role-playing fan!

“What’s unique about the world of Taern is that every single player will have to decide for himself how far he wants to go to reach his goals in the game. Will he act in a self-serving manner, or help others? It’s entirely up to the player. Taern – Blut. Tod. Vergeltung. is nothing less than a moral touchstone which continuously tests your own conscience. A must for every true role-playing fan,” explains Frederik Peter (Head of Browser Games at gamigo).

The MMORPG browser game Taern – Blut. Tod. Vergeltung. awaits with challenging PvP and RvR modes. In turn-based battles, players will have their tactical abilities put to the test in their attempts to conquer their enemies. In addition, the browser game also offers a complex guild system which allows players to construct their own guild headquarters and set off into battle together.

Taern was once a peaceful and beautiful place; that is, until the marauding demon armies from the land of Utor swept across the land, leaving nothing but rubble and ashes in their wake. Now it’s up to the player to reconquer his homeland by freeing it from the iron grip of his enemies. In order to do so, he will assume the role of one of seven characters. Whether it’s the archer, druid or fire mage, each class has its own strengths and class-specific skills.

Taern – Blut. Tod. Vergeltung.  is based on a revised and improved version of “The Pride of Taern”. The game is now playable in full HD, which is only one of many improvements. The Taern team at gamigo and the developer Whitemoon have worked intensively on the optimization of the graphics and the storyline, and also localized the entire game into German. At the moment, this version of the game is playable in German; additional language versions will follow in the near future.

Proceed here to register for the exclusive closed beta phase of Taern – Blut. Tod. Vergeltung. : https://de.start.gamigo.com/taern/ab10hpc/. In addition, the official website also contains a host of other content, such as the official trailer to the game. Fans can also stay updated via Facebook.

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gamigo AG (incorporated in 2000) is a leading publisher and distributor of free-to-play massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) in Europe and North America. Its over 100 employees in Hamburg, Berlin, San Francisco (USA) and Seoul (Korea) are in charge of marketing, customer relations, IT, support, game optimization and community management for its comprehensive portfolio of titles. “Fiesta Online” and “Last Chaos” are just two examples of gamigo’s very successful multiplayer online role-playing games with a long-standing and loyal customer base. gamigo has a total of more than 15 million registered game accounts worldwide. In addition to online multiplayer games, gamigo also plans to grow its offering of mobile games.

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