Shocktober – Halloween at Gamigo!

When the nights get longer and darker and the eeriest time of the year is upon us, there is no escape from malicious ghosts, gruesome creatures, and a mass of terrific new game content!

In Fiesta Online, a dark labyrinth will open its doors on October 27, teeming with horrible monsters. Only the most valiant heroes will prevail in the dungeon, but they will be richly rewarded with sweets and the ability to terrify the people of Isya – disguised as monsters! In addition, a multi-part Halloween quest awaits with new weapons, outfits, and even more rewards.

In this year’s Halloween event in Last Chaos, players get the chance to drive away pumpkin spirits. The collected pumpkins can be exchanged for awesome prizes – and the most powerful pumpkin spirits also hide special extras! The event, running until November 8, is made even tastier by collectible baskets filled with delicious treats and ghostly costumes.

Dragon's Prophet

Until November 9, Dragon’s Prophet will summons players into the Abyss of Exile. In this special Halloween instance, traps must be prepared for creatures lurking in the dark. Courageous dragon warriors have to survive multiple waves of demons to get a chance to finally confront the bone dragon. Successful ghost hunters will be rewarded with furniture, costumes, and a green flame to accompany them as a trusty pet.

On October 28, the Halloween season begins in Desert Operations and Wargame 1942. Apart from community events, players can go on a pumpkin raid: those who manage to find enough pumpkins will not only receive a cool icon but also witness a rich growth of their resources. The hunt will last until November 1.

Werewolves and ghosts, gigantic spiders in their sticky webs – even LambdaMall is prepared for Halloween. Apart from that, in a lot of new quests in the Otherland multiverse pumpkins must be collected and powerful bosses must be defeated. The rewards will be unique mounts and the chance to complete one of four costume sets, consisting of seven parts each.

Until November 10, all players can find awesome collectibles and design their pumpkin in The Rats. By stealing souls and cheese, players can earn bats which in turn can be used to give a huge pumpkin a terrific new look. All players who join the eerie cheese hunt within the first 24 hours will gain access to an exclusive Halloween costume. There will also be a completely new contender: the Bat-Rat!

Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends has some scary news as well: not only that the level cap raise (up to level 80) provides new motivation – with the addition of the manticores the deck of kings is extended by four Beast Incarnate Cards, and the 24 brand-new hybrid cards, the Awakened Skill Cards, booster packs, and three PvE regions will challenge players’ skills. The most fearless fighters can plunge into the new VIP boss dungeon to bring their angel cards up to their most powerful form.

War 2 Glory‘s battlefields shine in the gloomy light of Halloween, too. By collecting spiders, skulls, and pumpkin heads, players can gain new items that will increase their generals’ fighting stats. For a limited time, a skeleton and a witch will be available as new heroes along with a Halloween outfit.

In Loong: Dragonblood, vicious monsters have robbed the witch Mitch of all her pumpkins. Between October 27 and November 10, players can help her get them back – and successful pumpkin savers will be rewarded with the opportunity to take part in a lottery. In additional Halloween chests, new monster cards for fiendish creatures can be found. Those who are daring and strong enough to track down the creatures and defeat them will obtain full moon potions for new titles and items as well as rare pets.

In Cultures Online, cult chamber pumpkins will bring a permanent XP bonus. Just like the Halloween sets, these can only be found in the dungeons, in The Fall of YinYang, and in treasure chests. A mysterious trader at the coast has spooky curiosities in store and the Sailmaker offers ghostly jewelry. Until November 7, every day +25% XP and +50 wanderlust will be granted as well.

In Brick Force, special Shocktober contests will bring a true horror mood to the Sandbox Shooter. From October 24, players can fight each other for costumes, map builders, and stories, and they will be rewarded with powerful weapons and heaps of cash.


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