Ready for battle? Shikihime Zoushi has completed its beta stages!

  • Turn-based free-to-play anime browser game
  • Now available in German and English
  • Enchanting new anime character: Shikihime in Samurai dress, quests and items

Strategists and collectors alike, listen up: Shikihime Zoushi has now successfully completed its beta stages. The official launch opens up the octagonal world of the golden Heian period to all Shikihime fans and those who might want to join their ranks. The fight for the Heian Empire can now officially begin – with traditional Japanese Shikihime dress at the ready and weapons sharpened.

“We received great positive feedback during the beta stages of the German and English versions of Shikihime Zoushi,” says Ellen Friese, product manager at gamigo group. “The first milestone has been reached – which is why as a little thank you to the community we are donating a new Shikihime as well as quests and items related to the commercial release.”

Ruti   DojigiriUnbenannt

A suitable Shikihime for any situation
Shikihime Zoushi is about expanding your own territory and collecting a variety of Shikihime. The mystical Shikihime accompany you in battle or with the most diverse of activities. Whether a princess or goddess, healer or sword fighter, with over 90 Shikihime to discover, every single one of these magical helpers possesses individual status effects and characteristics.

Hina Matsuri – a Japanese festival
We have a reason to celebrate: Hina Matsuri (also called Girls’ Day) is a Japanese festival, which will be celebrated alongside the official release of Shikihime Zoushi. A special Hina Matsuri summon provides the two lovely enchanting anime characters Ruti and Sakahime, directly in the game.

Battling against the dark forces: In Shikihime Zoushi you delve into a magnificent anime world of medieval Japan (794 to 1185 AD), a world of treasure, myth and secret. As a powerful master of Ying and Yang – an Onmyoji – you can summon enchanting anime characters named Shikihime. These companions can be trained and combined as you deem fit in order to safeguard your kingdom during the golden Heian period. Establishing alliances brings you another step closer to the top.

Any Shikihime fans and anyone else who might want to join their ranks can register for free via the gamigo portal, where you can experience your very own adventure in the beautiful world inspired by ancient Japan. Additional content, news as well as detailed information about the game can be found on the official website or the Facebook page.

Shikihime Zoushi – Features:

  • Free2Play browser-based strategy game
  • Turn-based fantasy-RPG on octagonal map
  • Over 90 powerful summons in form of enchanting Shikihime
  • Customized weapons and armor
  • Quests with increasing level of difficulty
  • Weekly colonial wars

About the gamigo group
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