Otherland ‘Making of’ Part 3: EightSquared

gamigo and developers RealU will be introducing the fascinating medieval simulation “EightSquared” in today’s episode of the ‘Making of’ series for Otherland: Green fields, Victorian architecture and gigantic chess pieces floating in the sky dominate this world created by Tad Williams. The White and Red Armies are mired in an endless war against one another. The video visualizes why they are fighting.

“EightSquared” is a stark visual contrast to the bright and colorful world of “Lambda Mall”. Players will experience a rich background story and have the opportunity to go head-to-head against a wide variety of opponents and complete countless captivating quests. The ‘Making of’ also provides some insight into the “Lifecycle AI” of NPCs. In Otherland, NPCs have their own behavioral patterns that can be influenced, to some extent, by player interaction. The aim is to present a more believable and realistic world to players.