NEW to Defiance 2050 – Colony Courtship Event through 2/26

From 11 February to 26 February, Arkhunters can spread love in Defiance 2050 and collect romantic rewards during the Valentine’s Day event. This is the first time the Valentine’s Event will hit Defiance 2050, so be sure encourage all to login and spread the love now through February 26. Plus, they are bringing a new Synergy rotation to the original Defiance.

Synergies are powerful sets of relics in Defiance and Defiance 2050, that modify and enhance an Arkhunter’s natural and EGO driven abilities. These relics manifest in the form of Synergy Crystals and are synced to an Arkhunter’s EGO via the Synergy Matrix. The Synergy Matrix houses three main components: Matrix Battery, the Crystal sockets and the Core.

More information about the Valentine’s Event can be found on the official website.