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Hamburg, October 26, 2015 – Strange shapes and creepy creatures come to life each year on October 31 with only one thing on their minds: Scaring people! The darkest night of the year draws ever closer. In the night of nights, the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead becomes blurred under the shroud of darkness. But at gamigo, ghosts, witches, and pumpkins have already started haunting the place. Bone-chilling sights and gruesome Halloween decorations are already spreading fear and tormenting unsuspecting victims in gamigo’s games.

It’s time once again for horror stories and eerie encounters at Fiesta Online! The inhabitants will be decorating their towns in ghastly glory and some will even be disguising themselves as monsters! Also, the Temple of Mystery will be opening its gates once again to all fearless heroes! Slay monsters for their candy and face the challenges of the labyrinth camouflaged as a monster! But beware: Monsters are just waiting to ambush you around every corner!

Doom and gloom will also pervade Last Chaos when the annual Halloween event starts on October 28. Gruesome Halloween revelers who will give you a trick-or-treat buff in exchange for a basket of sweet treats will be haunting the streets of the town. A small tip: The much sought-after baskets have often been hidden by scary monsters! Use a pumpkin head to make the invisible pumpkin ghosts visible. Great rewards are in store for you if you manage to defeat the pumpkin ghosts!

An evil potion is brewing at Kings and Legends. But in order to complete it, yucky ingredients need to be collected and the pumpkin witch Morgana summoned. Morgana is a ticking time bomb with an explosive curse on her broom. Starting on November 10, Lord Pumpernickel will be joining the fray — at every turn, he summons giant pumpkins to form an intimidating barricade. On the one hand, they serve to distract his opponents, but can also be used as a protective wall or to increase the countdown for his opponent’s cards.


Trick or Treat! The Rats has decorated its rat cellar with spooky Halloween wallpaper and the whole pack is dressed in eerie skeleton costumes. Grow a beautiful jack-o-lantern with cheeky bats which can be collected on raids. Rich rewards await!

It’s Halloween in Flake, the hometown of the Vikings in Wickie Online. A whole range of events will ensure that the memories will haunt you for years to come! A Halloween quiz will be held in the game to test your arcane knowledge. In the Forum, the Wickie Online team is helping players sharpen their knives for the big pumpkin carving contest they have planned. And of course, it wouldn’t be Halloween without a costume contest! A search for the best costume from the community is being held on Facebook. We hope this will get you off to a chilling start this winter!

The ghosts of Dragonween have awoken in Dragon´s Prophet! Grisly creatures and an eerie atmosphere are chilling the people of Auratia to the bone. Dire traps need to be set for the skeletons, mummies, and zombies at the Abyss of Exile in order to defeat them. Rewards include innumerable grisly surprises!

Take down zombies in style: Stylish Halloween threads are available in the Hazard Ops shop. Furthermore, anyone who dresses for the occasion qualifies to win macabre prizes. Furthermore, a screenshot competition awaits all Halloween fans. Simply snap the goriest moment of the event and you stand to win great prizes.

At Loong Dragonblood, everything will be proceed according to the wishes of the Great Pumpkin until November 05. Simply keep collecting the pumpkins dropped during the hunt and approach Mitch the Witch to exchange them for a monster card. This mysterious card will lead the players directly to the horribly gruesome Halloween monsters. But watch out: It’s trick-or-treating time!

Dragon Nest celebrates the day of the dead. The lost souls of fallen heroes are returning to the towns and even Althea is not spared the horrors of Halloween. It’s time to get a gruesome Halloween costume set and haunt the night under the cover of darkness. The necromancer set will transform any character into a ghastly creature of the night. The daily login events promise numerous grisly Halloween rewards!

The macabre atmosphere of Halloween has descended upon the entire village in Cultures Online. Grim accessories are up for grabs at the clothmaker’s in the village and the merchant at the beach has laid out spooky curiosities for the village’s inhabitants. This dark time will become even more eerie with the Halloween sets and pumpkins with XP bonuses. So watch out for things that go bump in the night!

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The gamigo group is one of the leading gaming companies in Europe and North America. gamigo was one of the first few companies to discover the booming market segment of online games and published the first MMOG that was completely localized into German as early as 2000. Over 100 staff members in Hamburg, Berlin (Germany), San Francisco, Chicago (USA), Seoul (Korea) and Kaliningrad (Russia) are in charge of managing the platform (including Gaming as a Service and gaming portals) and the publishing of free-to-play mobile and online games. Fiesta Online and Last Chaos are just two examples of gamigo’s very successful multiplayer online role-playing game titles with a long-standing and loyal customer base. At the same time, the existing portfolio of games is constantly expanded with new titles, such as the recent additions Vicky Online and Kings and Legends. The gamigo group has a total of more than 65 million registered user accounts worldwide. In addition to online multiplayer games, gamigo is also stepping up investments in mobile games, including games such as Dino Empire and the cross-platform game The Rats Online. In addition to organic growth, the gamigo Group also strives to grow its business through the acquisition of companies specializing in games and technology.

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