Halloween@gamigo: eerily gruesome events — not for the faint of heart

The darkest night of the year draws ever closer. Vampires, zombies and other blood-curdling creatures of darkness lurk behind every corner. On October 31, the night of nights, the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead becomes blurred in the darkness. At gamigo, ghosts, witches and pumpkins are already haunting the place. Eerie Halloween decorations and dire deeds are already afoot, bringing an atmosphere of gloom to the games at gamigo.

Starting on October 29, the darkness will make its presence felt at Last Chaos. Scary Halloween costumes will complete the gruesome atmosphere. Players may haunt the realm as a wicked witch or dress up as a ghoulish Jack o’ Lantern when solving quests. Halloween baskets, slimy candy and pumpkins are up for grabs and can be exchanged for special rewards. Invisible pumpkin monsters are afoot and must be dealt with. A secret Halloween quest has been hidden in the darkness, and will reward all successful monster hunters with a unique spine-chilling pumpkin pet.

The preparations for the big Fiesta Online Halloween party are already fully underway. The undead, who roam the land restlessly, have also gotten wind of this. They’re furious that the living are actually making fun of this day and are dressing up as monsters and the undead! They have now decided to sabotage the festivities and terrorize the cities! Help the Fiesta Online Team protect Roumen and Uruga so that everyone in Isya can enjoy the festival to the fullest extent.

The entire village in Cultures Online is resplendent in its Halloween decorations. A Halloween merchant has also announced his visit. He’s brought along a few slimy surprises. What’s more, pumpkins are popping up every now and then in the dismal dungeons.

Starting on October 31, a rare galactic spectacle is taking place in Pirate Galaxy. Extraterrestrial life forms which could pose a very real threat could appear at any point in the galaxy. Pilots watch out: Aid the scientists with fending off these alien visitors and grab the Alien Pumpkin Drone, which gives a ghastly boost to weapon accuracy ratings.

This eerily scary time of the year also brings with it fantastic rewards in Dino Storm. Pumpkin hats, skeleton costumes, and gruesome Dino rewards await in Dinoville. In addition, various quests will require you to collect pumpkins, hunt down ruthless bandits, as well as protect fully-loaded candy transports on their way to Dinoville! Other new additions to the “Green Volcano” territory!

A very special Halloween present awaits each and every player in King of Kings III. But first, torrents of blood will flow. The Blood Red Halloween Event will most definitely drain the life out of some unsuspecting players. An evil Game Master is haunting King of Kings III. He must be stopped at all costs. You’re going to need nerves of steel for this! Those who dare to take up the challenge will turn pink or even blood red. Seven blood-red players will face each other on a secret map, where they will have to battle for their lives. Rich rewards await the last blood-soaked survivor!

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