Gorillabox introduces G-Loader technology to the market with the gamigo game Fiesta Online

  • Significant optimization of important key performance indicators like conversion rate, acquisition costs, and download time
  • Sustainable strengthening of customer loyalty and improved user experience by way of an innovative cloud solution
  • Game portfolio with G-Loader technology to be expanded early next year

Gorillabox LLC, the cloud streaming provider founded in 2014, introduces its innovative streaming technology G-Loader to the market with the gamigo game Fiesta Online.

With G-Loader, Gorillabox provides a technology that is able to display client games (games that have to be downloaded) in a cloud-based, interactive real-time stream during the actual installation process. This allows users to start a game immediately without having to wait for tedious download, installation, and update processes to finish.

The technology’s initial launch with Fiesta Online achieved significant improvements: the path into the game has been shortened from over 30 minutes to under 30 seconds. This accessibility – comparable with browser games in terms of immediacy – made it possible to increase the conversion rate (conversion of registered users to players) by more than 30% and lead to a substantial decrease in acquisition costs.

For game developers and publishers, especially in the free-to-play segment, the G-Loader is a unique way to promote games more cost-effectively in the competitive market and at the same time increase the customer loyalty sustainably by providing an improved user experience. Gorillabox thus offers optimization of important performance indicators like conversion rate, acquisition costs, churn rate, and return on investment.

Implementing this technology is very straightforward and does not require additional support from the game developer. Most importantly, no changes have to be made in the source code. The analysis tools provided by Gorillabox can also be used to identify exit points within the installation process and thus serve to prevent fraud or to further improve marketing campaigns.

Frederik Peter, CEO of Gorillabox, comments: “The extraordinary results of our first commercial project in cooperation with gamigo prove that real-time cloud solutions are pointing the way ahead for the future promotion of digital products. With G-Loader, we are heralding the future of game downloads.”

Two more online games are scheduled to be equipped with the G-Loader early next year.

About Gorillabox LLC
Gorillabox LLC offers innovative cloud services focusing on cloud gaming in the areas of both consumers and business customers. The solution offered by Gorillabox is suitable for all games and applications that require large amounts of data. It handles the software’s download, installation, and patching in the background while allowing the user to immediately access the game via a cloud gaming service until it is completely functional on the user’s local system. In contrast to other downloader technologies, Gorillabox has developed a cost-efficient solution that requires no extra work from the developer. The streaming technology’s extremely fast response time along with its low cost approach allow for a wide array of possible applications currently in development.

About the gamigo group
The gamigo group is one of the leading gaming companies in Europe and North America with more than 100 million registered user accounts and over 300 staff members in Hamburg, Berlin, Münster, Darmstadt (Germany), Chicago (USA) and Seoul (Korea). Apart from gamigo AG, the group consists of, among others, Aeria Games, Infernum, Intenium, adspree and GameSpree. The company functions as a publisher for free-to-play mobile and online games and also offers modular Software as a Service solutions for business customers within the scope of the gamigo platform strategy. The gamigo platform helps publishers and developers from all over the world publish and promote their products efficiently and cost-effectively. The company’s core portfolio is comprised of successful games like Aura Kingdom, Desert Operations, Dragon’s Prophet, Echo of Soul, Fiesta Online, Goal One, Last Chaos, Shaiya, The Rats and Twin Saga. As early as in the year 2000, gamigo published the first MMOG that was completely localized into German. gamigo strives to grow its business organically as well as via acquisitions and has performed 10+ M&As since 2013, including companies specializing in games and technology as well as individual game assets.

Gorillabox LLC
Jochen Quast
(Director Marketing & Business Development)