Fiesta Online – The Lost Kingdom – Part one of the great level cap raise is now online!

The curtain falls, a new chapter begins: the great Fiesta Online content update, including a level cap raise up to level 135, is available as of now. Filled to the brim with exclusive features and a brand-new story line, this long-awaited patch is another milestone for gamigo‘s successful anime MMORPG.

Fiesta Online Cap Raise

While players navigate their heroes through newly created landscapes searching for two mythical essences, countless innovations are ready to be discovered: more than eighty unique creatures lurk in smoldering ruins, sprawling grasslands, or on the enchanted island Eya – and the seven new maps are also inhibited by over 25 individual NPCs.

Tricky new challenges are waiting to be mastered by daring adventurers in more than 150 quests. During these challenges, up to 74 items can be collected in the quests themselves. And on their way there, players can also find more than 350 additional special items including armor, jewelry, weapons, scrolls, recipes, and an exclusive item set. Once the heroes have refurbished their inventories, their skill and aptitude will be put to the test in two venturesome instances – and only those who prevail will be able to save Isya from the dark threat posed by the world boss Khazul. Of course, all these new experiences will not go unrequited: during their adventures, players will again rise level by level – and only at level 135 the new, temporary maximum will be reached.

Thus a huge update is ready right on time for the holidays – so huge in fact that the developers decided to split the content. Part 2 of the great cap raise is going to be launched next year.

An exclusive glimpse of the tale of the island Eya can be found here. The official Fiesta Online forum offers additional information, and the exclusive teaser trailer is available here.

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