gamigo games have switched to soccer mode!

Tacklings and back-heel tricks, amazing saves and bicycle kicks – to celebrate the UEFA European Championship, the gamigo games are ready to play the “Joga Bonito” (the beautiful game) again as well!

Fiesta Online

Soccer is a simple game – that is not only true in the stadium but also in Fiesta Online where Ming heartily invites everyone to join the Kingdom Quest soccer tournament again! Starting every two hours, up to eight players will be divided into two teams. Everyone can join in, from level 1 up to level 125. The individual matches are spiced up with gimmicks: players can gain bonuses to reach their goals even faster or activate shields to fend off attacks. The winning team will receive five coins which they can bring to Ming to get special rewards. The losers will also get a coin as a consolation prize.

“The art of wing play” takes on a completely new meaning in Dragon’s Prophet where players can look forward to some cool specials: since June 9th, the EM bazaar offers a selection of jerseys and dragons matching the colors of the participating soccer teams. So if you are not content with sporting your favorite team’s colors in real life, why not fly the flag in Auratia as well? You can also get chilled Guilles beer that guarantees an increased drop-rate for two hours and a loot-collecting pet – looking like a football – that will follow you around like the ball does Christiano Ronaldo’s foot.

The footballs roaming through Last Chaos are not quite as obedient. Between June 8th and July 13th, players will encounter football monsters instead of cute pets. Once defeated, these monsters will drop ordinary or golden footballs which can be swapped for lucky boxes containing precious items, e.g. flags that let you “bet” on which team will triumph in Paris on July 10th.

The substitutes’ bench is no place for Otherland‘s cyberpunk worlds Mars and LambdaMall. Numerous challenging events will offer players the chance to win football-themed top hats to cheer on their favorite team in style. More info can be found in the forum.

Die Ratten

The Rats, being no spoilsports themselves, rush forward with a number of fluffy special offers. The good-natured gnawers have decided to become their team’s cheeseleaders and grant players generous discounts for cheese, items and skills as well as handy gadgets like more effective poisons or doubled rat souls. The discounts are available throughout June.

In Kings and Legends, opportunities to score are created by the minute: one-on-ones in the arena, the solo campaign, the challenge hall and the battlements offer players the chance to win pouches full of colored footballs. These balls can be traded for special items that will definitely be more useful than some old European Championship trophy.

Players of War 2 Glory commonly shoot with almost everything but footballs – but from the 10th to the 19th of June, in true European Championship spirit, players can at least find and collect footballs while raiding and conquering swamps, grasslands, mountains or forests and trade their findings for useful stuff like battle encyclopedias, experience points or blueprints.

Cultures Online offers players the opportunity to enjoy the thrills of the football tournament even between games: during the long-term event accompanying the European Championship 2016, it does not matter whether the German defense stands firm. Only German goals count because players will receive 50% more experience points for every goal that the German team manages to score (up to a maximum of 300% additional XP). Goals will be counted from Friday to the following Thursday and the respective event will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

The gamigo team wishes everyone a great European Championship 2016!

Fiesta Online

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