Fiesta Online: Players tell of their most emotional moments in the fantasy world

Hamburg – The online role-playing game Fiesta Online celebrated its 10th birthday on July 29! In honor of this occasion, the gamigo group interviewed a selection of loyal long-term players, some of them being an active part of the game world and the community of Fiesta Online since its release in 2008. The players’ stories tell about people who went through adventures together for many years, who always stick together, and who sometimes even found their great love.


One of them is Kainry from France, who celebrates this decadal birthday together with his guild friends. Thanks to Fiesta Online, the Frenchman did not only meet new friends, but also his life partner. Kainry and xMisuko tell about their love: “Love on first sight is a very meaningful word. We are good friends who had many great moments together in the game. The wedding is just an affirmation of all our experiences!”, says Kainry. xMisuko adds: “Kainry is someone I really like and with whom I love to share the special moments in the game. (…) I really love him. We started seeing each other because we were part of the same guild.” Open-minded Naiira plays Fiesta Online for many years because she values the strong sense of togetherness in the community, and because “you meet new people every day”. She met and fell in love with her daughter’s dad in Fiesta Online when she was still a teenager. After growing up in Rhineland-Palatinate, she recently moved to 300-kilometer-away Würzburg after finishing her education. Now she is looking for other role-playing partners who live close to her new domicile: “At the moment, I am looking for people in the area who are sharing my hobby.” Eleanore48 also met her beloved one and many friends in Fiesta Online: “Yes, I found many friends. With Fiesta Online, I try to stay in touch with many of them, and I even met my boyfriend here.” She enjoys the togetherness in her guild, especially when telling each other anecdotes from the game world. Eleanore48 sees the call for entering the rank as an administrator alongside her guild leader as the most emotional moment of her life. Kattness is part of Fiesta Online since the very beginning. She had the chance to experience numerous disputes as well as fun highlights. There is one unforgettable moment she enthuses about: “When I entered my current guild, there was an immediate strong company. Everyone is getting along with each other.” Of course, the engagement with her boyfriend who she met in Fiesta Online is one of the highlights of the game and of her real life, too. Let’s hope that the planned matrimony between her and her darling will last. And if this is not the case, divorce will always be an option in Fiesta Online, too.

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