Echo of Soul Phoenix Commercial Launch comes with a vast Content Update

The gamigo group is happy to announce the official launch of Echo of Soul Phoenix in Europe and North America. The action MMO can now be played by all interested players. Thanks to the brand-new server ‘Levina’ and the new raid ‘Kranheim’, the official commercial launch brings along even more long-time game fun. New guild contents can be explored, and numerous new achievements can be accomplished – be it as a lone fighter or together with a guild. Just in time for the winter season, players can build snowmen, capture reindeers and collect the presents that fell off the sleigh – special rewards are guaranteed! But it’s not all about snow and reindeers: An uninvited guest – the Christmas boor – is up to mischief. He wants to disturb the peaceful pre-Christmas mood. It’s time to teach that guy a lesson. The content update comes with even more exciting events. Players can meet the wandering jewel merchant, be part of the refinement event in Walhalla, or visit some of the other numerous events taking place. More details about the events can be found directly in the forum. ’The Open Beta Phase has already been a great success! Numerous players put the game through its paces, making it possible for us to cut out mistakes and perform pertinent improvements.’ says Jens Knauber, COO of the gamigo group. ‘That’s why we are all the more thrilled to finally announce the official launch of Echo of Soul Phoenix!’ Echo of Soul Phoenix is a massive, immersive MMORPG full of breathtaking landscapes and fantastic creatures. Since the great war between gods and giants, a dark shadow soul is threatening this wondrous world. Bit by bit, the lands are being taken over by a creeping depravity. Odin – king of the gods – has instructed all mortals to take on the role of soul keepers and maintain the balance in the world. Selection of features in Echo of Soul Phoenix:

  • Free-to-play fantasy MMORPG
  • More than 2600 quests and events
  • Seven different classes
  • Various dungeons for each player type
  • Innovative soul system
  • Action-packed PvP and PvE battles

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