Dragon Nest: The Academic has landed with a language update for French and German in her luggage!

With this latest patch, players can enjoy the fantastic world of Dragon Nest in French or German, and with a new class

The Academic has crash-landed with her time machine in Alcheringa. She has traveled 50 years into the past to stop the Goddess Vestinel from corrupting the world with her evil in our present time. The character is accompanied in her task by her faithful assistant and butler, Alfredo. Players of Dragon Nest can now select the new class. The game can now also be played in full French and German versions.

The Academic is an extremely versatile class, and can play every role from Damage Dealer to Healer. There are two basic weapons available: The Bubble Gun is designed for speed and has a medium range, while the Cannon can hit targets at substantially greater ranges, but reacts more slowly. Players will also be free to decide if the priority is to inflict damage or to protect their allies. This is also reflected in the available skills, where the focus is on either damage or defense.

The character can also be further specialized from level 15. Players can choose from two sub-classes: As an Alchemist, the player assumes the role of the Supporter by influencing the combat action with status effects, healing and elemental attacks. However, the “Engineer” specialization is specifically designed for damage. Players can deploy numerous advanced robots and other technological resources to dominate the battlefield.

Besides the new class, the latest Dragon Nest patch also contains a French and German language update. The entire game has been translated, and both new language versions are now available for all players.

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