Cultures Online starting huge event TURBONIA – Battle of the Giants

For two weeks, gamigo will be opening a special server for the building strategy game Cultures Online and inviting the communities from the European and North American servers to take part in the ultimate competition. In TURBONIA, building and researching is four times faster than on the other servers. The event aims to find the 100 best players in the areas of Building and PvP. Participants can win exclusive weapons as well as the chance to be a part of the history of Cultures Online, quite literally.

The prizes are as follows:

First Place: an exclusive Level 135 weapon and the chance to work on a script for an expedition

Second & Third Place: an exclusive Level 135 weapon

Fourth & Fifth Place: a voucher code worth €100

Sixth – Tenth Place: a voucher code worth €50

Eleventh & Fiftieth Place: a voucher code worth €10

An additional 100 codes worth €5 will also be given out to random participants. The Battle of the Giants will begin on March 28 at 3 PM and will last for exactly two weeks.

In addition, the experts in adventure and indie games from Lace Mamba Global have put together a huge package full of more than 100 exclusive prizes in celebration of their first releases in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Participants in the Battle of the Giants will have a chance at winning one of these three games: the award-winning trade simulation game “Fate of the World – Tipping Point”, the indie gem “Sanctum Collection” and the new edition of the sci-fi FMV adventure “Darkstar”.