Shaiya Updated with Seasonal Fun for All & High-Level Challenges

Utya’s Madness brings fresh content to level 80 players.

Hamburg, April 6, 2021gamigo is pleased to announce that a large new update has been released for Shaiya. Players will enjoy a host of new content to explore including the Easter seasonal event and Utya’s Madness quests for level 80 players. A skill balance pass based on community feedback has been completed and players will be able to get a first look at all of the new changes.

Utya’s Madness is tailor-made for level 80 players who are ready for challenges that will test their skills to the limit. The Queen of the Ocean and her compatriots have arrived. It is up to players to defeat the Army of the Ocean and Utya herself to take home some great loot. Taking down the Army yields a 7-day Kaspian pet while defeating Utya rewards players with a permanent Tide pet. Those who defeat enemies on the battleground will receive Ocean Wings Level 1.

Players in a more festive mood will want to check out this year’s Rabbit Invasion as it makes its return from now through April 30th. Every 4 hours, rabbits will invade Teos. Players can farm colorful eggs that can be exchanged for all sorts of goodies. Everyone should make it a point to speak to NPC Bubbles to take on the Egg Hunt quest and get started.

There is a lot in store for Shaiya players this month. More information is available on the game’s officialsite.