Love is in the air – gamigo goes valentine!

A box of chocolates, butterflies in the tummy and a candlelight dinner – or a clandestine love affair? Whether it is all about tragic dramas or heartwarming love stories – today is Valentine’s Day! Players can browse through gamigo‘s exciting game worlds and discover beautiful bouquets of flowers, lovey-dovey hearts and a good portion of (romantic) adventures!


There must be something in the air in Fiesta Online. Nina wants to share her delicious chocolate with the inhabitants of Fiesta and spread her love all over the world. For that, she needs the players’ help! But careful: some of the monsters are incredibly jealous and want to sabotage her plan! Only those who manage to protect Nina from the monsters receive a special reward: a beautiful, pompous ring that melts everyone’s heart.

A lovely vibe is also rushing through the fantastic world of Twin Saga! Just in time for the most romantic day of the year, players have the chance to master special Astral Puzzles and browse through numerous special offers. Along the lines of “Be my Valentine”, the game masters prepared numerous romantic and funny events. Who knows – maybe the right Valentine is part of it?

In the world of Last Chaos, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The St. Valentine’s event is all about sweet, tempting chocolate! In a speedy monster hunt, players must collect as many of those sweet chocolate bars as possible. The more, the better: Later, they can be exchanged for amazing prizes! More details can be found on the Forum.

Venus is descending to Kings and Legends in this year’s Valentine’s month February. Her daily gifts enchant the fantastic game world with pre-spring vibes! Just In time for the day of love, she also brings along some precious Love Cards! It is time to keep the eyes wide open because all of them must be collected!

Hearts will literally explode in WAR2 Glory on this year’s Valentine’s Day. It is not clear whether it is because of all the love that is inside them, or because of the grenades flying around. One thing is certain: All hearts are open and true friendship only exists on the battlefield! Join the fight as an honor, take part in special missions and receive romantic items all about Valentine’s Day. Rumor has it that Amor’s Ring is one of them. On this special day, players will realize that love and war are not as far from each other as one might think.

What is going on in Echo of Soul Phoenix? Looks like love is all around! But that is not all of it: There is even a sweet smell of chocolate in the air! But… hold on. What is that? A horrible stench is whiffing from the battlefield! Players must escape those poisonous clouds, collect chocolate hearts and a Valentine’s lama, or write a lovely poem for their sweethearts. Great rewards are waiting to be achieved!

Those who do not have a date for Valentine’s Day yet can plan a virtual date with a GM or PM in Aura Kingdom. All romanticists are cordially invited to a pajama party! Even Amor is flying around, trying to hook up the Eidelons with the help of the players. All other lovely details can be found on Facebook as well as on the website.

Piggyback course or special Valentine’s quest – Savage Hunt is all about togetherness and romance this time! All adventures will be available until February 22. Those who manage to make the air balloons burst have the chance to cop a very special Valentine’s gift. gamigo wishes a happy and heartwarming Valentine’s Day!

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