Ironsight: Update with Hot Duels and a Fresh Map!

The latest update for the fast paced Online Shooter introduces a new primary weapon and an additional Map. To further challenge the players, a new Mode: “Duel”, has been implemented.

Hamburg, October 30, 2019 – gamigo is excited to announce its new update for their futuristic Online Shooter Ironsight. Players can look forward to enhanced bullets, challenge their opponents to exhilarating 1v1 duels and test their skills on the new Map – Tower. The Sci-Fi shooter will also be enhanced with new Spectator Functions specifically designed for eSports tournaments and online match streaming.

A new primary weapon breathes fresh air into the game’s strategic combat elements. With their Ballistic Shield, players can protect themselves from their enemies. On the new Map they must prove they’re strategic prowess high above the ground. New EMP Bullets deal devastating damage to drones and Sentinels, and sneaky snipers can deal additional headshot injuries with their Magnum Bullets.

The game will receive a brand-new Ranked Mode: Duel, to add more challenges to the Sci-Fi Shooter. Players can defeat their enemies one on one to rise to the top. At the end of each season, the mightiest mercenaries will receive exclusive rewards depending on the rank they achieved.

Several new Options and Cameras have been added for Spectator Mode, such as X-Ray, Static Cameras and more. The popular map Downtown has been graphically revised. In addition, the update provides new weapon skins and technical improvements for the online shooter.

More Information about Ironsight and the new Tower-Update are available on the official website.