Halloween spectacle at gamigo!


The darkest night of the year is getting closer. Just in time for Halloween, on October 31, the most peculiar creatures and creepiest figures awake, ready to haunt through the night. Heads up: gamigo opens its chamber of horrors in advance, spreading a ghostly mood in the games of the gamigo group.   The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and so is the way to Halloween.

We hunt for treats, fill our bags with sweets and prepare spooky dishes! But who can come up with the spookiest idea for a great Halloween recipe? Whether it’s a scary snack or a bloody pie – until October 31, the gamigoween recipe competition is open for all kinds of crazy food creations! Participants simply need to post a recipe and vote. More information can be found here.


Until November 2nd, the infinite maze in Fiesta Online opens its doors again. During this time, players can collect a variety of sweets that help them to become creepy monsters, but there’s more to it than that: cities have been put in an eerily beautiful light and carved pumpkins have been distributed. Spooky tunes round out the spine-tingling atmosphere. Every day, two Halloween quests are waiting to be solved by the players. They cannot only try to get hold of the much sighed-for sweets, but also collect useful Halloween coins and trade them for creepy Halloween items. But be warned! Gorden just broke out of jail and walks abroad in Isya, making thoughtless adventurers jump! As soon as he is defeated, he drops his chests full of ghostly Halloween items.

In Last Chaos, Halloween is spooking through the dark fantasy world from October 25 until November 8. During this haunted time, empty baskets and pumpkins must be collected and traded for sweet or sour Halloween treats. There are also eerily beautiful rewards waiting to be claimed! Watch out: additionally, there will be a special Halloween coin that can be traded for awesome rewards, too! Aura Kingdom holds a brand-new Halloween challenge for its community and did its utmost to set up the spookiest Halloween of all years! A wide range of events is waiting to lighten up the creepiest and funniest season of the year. Players have the chance to dive into the gruesome ghost stories of Azuria, design their own haunted house, take part in a spooky cosplay competition and much more.

In Shaiya, the proud skeleton Jack – also known as ‘the great pumpkin king’ – needs some help! His beloved wife has been kidnapped by an insane monster pumpkin, calling itself ‘The crazy pumpkin queen’. Jack needs the golden, silver and bronze pumpkin to save his sweetheart! And so the crazy pumpkin hunt begins.

The clock strikes twelve in Grand Fantasia! Just in time for witching hour, the players must face their creepiest nightmares during Halloween night and challenge a cruel, dreadful boss. But it’s worth the effort: In the end, eerily beautiful rewards are waiting for those who win the fights and survive until the end!

In Dragon´s Prophet, the ghosts of Dragonween awoke! Sinister creatures and a spine-chilling atmosphere make Auratia shudder with sheer horror. Dragon warriors are urgently needed for the ghost hunt. Who is brave enough to enter the abyss of perdition and face the undead souls and the greatly feared bone dragon? Spooky weapon costumes and masks are waiting to be discovered by fearless heroes. The doors are open until November 9.

Trick or treat! On October 27, War2Glory launches an incredible hunt for pumpkins and sweets. Only the best officers and troops will be able to rake in the big prey and exchange it for amazing extras. Rumor has it that a bunch of pumpkins is wandering around the military institute.

As of Friday, October 27, Desert Operations and Wargame 1942 open the long-awaited Halloween season! Players do not only profit from the numerous special offers and events of a ‘Heat Packing Weekend’. Additionally, a new Halloween challenge will be presented every day until November 1 – to be mastered by brave contenders. For 5 days in a row, players will have the chance to cash in juicy rewards – everything may be used to crush more enemies, so don’t avoid these rewards!

Happy gamigoween!