Grand Fantasia Celebrates 10 Fantastical Years!

The Anime MMO invites its players to join the party with amazing anniversary events, rewards and much more!

Hamburg, November 10, 2020 –Grand Fantasia looks back on 10 years of adventures in the magical realm of Saphael. Players can participate in a myriad of celebratory activities in gamigo’s colorful online worlds.

The journey began in 2010 when Grand Fantasia opened its servers for the first time. Over the years, gamigo continued to add thrilling new content to the game to keep even the most veteran players challenged. During the month-long celebration of this ten year anniversary, the cities of Kaslow, Ilya, and Jale celebrate love, courage, and hope! Players can travel to the three main cities to meet Chacha, Ali and Sydney. There they can present those three qualitites to receive precious rewards.

Fashionable travellers can don their new birthday costumes to commemorate the celebration and collect Anniversary Word Cards to win said costume, mounts or even one of the three city thrones.

Additionally to the anniversary, the players can also let loose at the Thanksgiving Festival, to thank the Messengers. The novice chef Chiki needs their help to make the feast a success and rewards every kind soul with an adorable mount.

This and much more awaits everyone in November!

More information about the game and the event can be found on the official website.