Fiesta Online: The Ominous Valley is here

The Anime MMORPG introduces new monsters and quests as well as a new map in its latest update.

Hamburg, November 27, 2019 – gamigo is excited to announce its new update for the colorful RPG Fiesta Online. After unsuccessful experiments in the Ominous Canyon, the self-proclaimed brilliant scientist Ming packed his bags and moved back to Roumen, leaving behind the toxic side-products of his questionable tests which are now contaminating the waters of the new Map Ominous Valley.

Hearing of this travesty Ming now wants to find a cure for the contaminated valley and its fearsome new monsters. Brave heroes must embark on a dangerous quest to help the scientist save the once flourishing lands. Precious items such as sparkling azure and crimson Omamoris await the players who emerge victorious from the challenge.

Additionally, players can fill up their adventurer bags with even more useful loot, by competing various miscellaneous quests. The NPC Yuna needs strong fighters that can hunt down menacing monsters for her, and the infamous Jones needs an important antidote recipe delivered to his acquaintance.

More information about the MMORPG Fiesta Online and the update can be found on the official website.