Desert Operations deploys its grand visual overhaul!

gamigo’s military strategy game looks better than ever thanks to a holistic reskin. Maps, troops, the UI and many other game elements have been graphically updated.

Hamburg, December 4, 2019 – The tactical maps of gamigos strategy game Desert Operations have received a stunning update. Generals can now experience combat and espionage missions in crucial detail.

Every building model and landscape detail was updated. Players can command the 30 types of buildings and over 50 ground, air and sea units in high definition. The economic activities and intricately woven alliances of crafty commanders may now be archived point-by-point for future generations to study. The many Achievements which can be unlocked by the generals shine more brightly than any medal polish could ever achieve.

More information about Desert Operations and the new graphic update can be found on the official website.

About Desert Operations:

  • Over 50 unit types, including combat swimmers, paratroopers, military planes, heavy artillery, bombers, and warships await the players
  • Real-time combat analysis
  • Spies can infiltrate enemy bases while players weave a network of tactical alliances surrounding their enemies
  • Research new technologies at designated facilities
  • Controlling the economy is essential to secure victory